Audrey's Biography

My name is Audrey Mykytiuk.  I graduated with Honours from the Edmonton College of Swedish Massage in June 1998. The 1000-hour therapeutic massage program covered relaxation massage, anatomy, physiology, pathology, specific treatment of certain conditions, and various massage techniques.

I belong to the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta (MTAA) which has stringent regulations for membership.  A comprehensive written exam, as well as oral and practical treatment examinations had to be successfully completed to qualify for membership.  To maintain membership, the MTAA requires a minimum level of continuing education credits to be completed each year and requires its members to keep a valid first aid and CPR certificate.  These requirements must be met each year for membership renewal.  Continuing education courses means that the patient is receiving the most comprehensive and up to date care.  Within the city of Edmonton, Massage Therapists must undergo an annual �security clearance� check by the Police Department before obtaining a license to practice massage.  This is for the protection of the consumer so you can be assured we operate a legitimate practice. 

I practiced from Heritage Village Chiropractic Clinic for three years and now practice exclusively from the relaxing atmosphere of my residence in the West-end of Edmonton

The patient is my first priority.  Massages are �tailored� to the individual, they can be therapeutic or relaxing or both!  I am enthusiastic about my career as a massage therapist and welcome questions from my patients, and the opportunity to share the knowledge I have acquired.

Audrey Mykytiuk